Tequila Tasting to Feature Internationally Acclaimed Chef Andres Arreola

On Friday, September 9th the La Mesa at 110th and Maple will be the venue for our Herradura

Tequila Tasting Dinner from 6pm to 8pm. We will be serving a sampling of premium Herradura tequilas, margaritas and mixed cocktails. And as always, the menu is chosen to go with the tequila choices, so the full course dinner will be totally unique.

But that’s not all! This dinner will be prepared by International Chef Andres Arreola.  Hailing from Tenamaxtlan in the state of Jalisco Mexico, Chef Andres has exhibited his culinary savvy at events including; the Kentucky Derby, NBA Finals, the Grammys and more.

Chef Andres has also worked with many celebrity chefs such as Iron Chef Morimoto, David Burke and more.  Jose Salazar, La Mesa’s owner said, “We are thrilled to be presenting Chef Andres at La Mesa for our Tequila Tasting Dinner. His expertise in creating a one of a kind dining experience will make this upcoming tasting a premier event.”

Of course, the premium Herradura tequila we will be presenting will add to the exclusivity of this tequila lover’s evening.  Herradura was founded in 1870 and remained a family business for over 125 years until its recent acquisition by Brown-Forman.

“I’ve visited the Herradura farm and this brand is still a Hacienda style operation. Their tequila is still made the old, traditional way.” said Salazar.

In addition to tasting Herradura tequila, the evening will feature a visit by a well-known brand ambassador from Herradura, as well as a brief presentation by a Jimador who will talk about the traditional Agave harvest.

La Mesa has also purchased a single barrel of Herradura Tequila which will be sold by the bottle at the event and in the restaurant after the event, while supplies las. This unique barrel was choose by La Mesa’s owner Jose Salazar and has been aged to his specification since them.

“I chose this barrel and had them age it with my particular specifications, so there isn’t really another barrel in existence exactly like this. I love to have the earth and herbal notes cultivated, plus a hint of Vanilla and Agave notes. I think you’ll find this to be a most delicious Herradura tequila blend.” said Salazar.

Limited edition bottles will be available for you to take home your tequila purchase in. As a great bonus, we will even be able to engrave these creating your own personalized bottle. Take one home for your personal stash or have one engraved as an incredible gift for any tequila lover.

Unfortunately, reservations for this Tequila Tasting Dinner have already sold out.  But we will be featuring premium Herradura tequilas, margaritas and mixed cocktails at all of our restaurants during the month of September. And remember, the La Mesa exclusive Herradura Tequila will be available at all La Mesa locations while supplies last too.  Our next Tequila Tasting Dinner will be on Wednesday, November 2nd, from 6pm-8pm at the 110th and Maple location. So if you missed out on the September offering, you should make your reservations today!


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